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Hyde Park is a nongovernmental organisation, founded on May 11th 2003, registered on June 13th with nr. 2661 at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. As main goals has the promotion of the freedom of expression and the right to be informed impartialy. NGO's postal adress is MD 2000, PB 1, Chisinau. Contact telephone: + 373 693 508 94

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Radio show Hyde Park was closed down!
We intend to organize some seminars and round tables for discussing this case. In colaboration with other press and human rights NGOs we intend to bring together all involved persons and institutions. Who and why exactly closed the radio Hyde Park, that's what we want to know!

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"Hyde Park" broadcast program suspension - a proof of Bolshevik tyranny against the freedom of expression

According to Art.19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights : "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." In unison with this guarantees, Art.32.1 of the Republic of Moldova's Constitution stipulates that " the each citizen is being guaranteed the freedom of thinking, of having an opinion and also the freedom of public expression through words, images or every other possible way", while Art.4.1 specifies that "Constitutional statements concerning human rights and freedoms are being interpreted and applied in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with pacts and other treaties Republic of Moldova is a part at."
Especially these above mentioned civic constitutional rights aren't tolerated by the communists, who are looking for annihilating them through all kinds of legislative acts and tricks. Proof to this is the recent voting by the Parliament ruled by communists, of the Law Project on extremism control, under which incidence may fall every word or inconvenient opinion.
A "rostrum" for the free expression of the citizens' opinions and beliefs was the broadcast night show "Hyde Park". At the night time people use to sleep and recharge their work capacities for the new day and only those interested listen to this program waiting for their turn to get by phone on air for expressing their points of view. Such listeners were thousands upon thousands. On that program were debated and discussed various and the most pressing issues of the economical, social-political, cultural Republic's life.
Citizens were trying to estimate the activity of the State bodies and of the all levels leaders; was debated the political parties' role in the Society, Communist Party being especially discussed.
The daring and lashing vices' critics of the all levels leaders, irrespective of their political allegiance, disturbs those referring to, for they are "great and strong" just only through the positions they hold and not by intelligence, competence, professionalism and morale purity.
Enclosing themselves by a circle of laws made by them for protecting their caste's interests, they think of themselves beyond any critic and threat with these laws those many and oppressed when they try to defend their legal rights, asking for a decent level of life, self-respect and national dignity, removal of the Russian yoke; Romanian people, that are the majority in the RM, ask for the Romanian nation and its historical legally owned territories reunifying.
People also ask for respecting the hosting law by the arrived aliens.
From the authorities they ask for their constitutional right of the freedom of _expression of the above mentioned and other opinions, to be guaranteed.
Free, active mode of the public discussions on air at "Hyde Park" of all these problems was disturbing those governing, so they have tried to intimidate the speakers and also the organizing staff. The program moderator, Mr. Oleg Brega and the radio "Antena C"director, Mr. Ion Bunduchi, were summoned by the Prosecutor and State Security Service.
The "Antena C" radio was demanded to solve the traced out problems and its director, Mr. Ion Bunduchi, was told that in case of non-complying, the radio will be withdraw its broadcasting license. Being present at the meeting, Mr. Ion Bunduchi affirmed that "Hyde Park" is a necessary program, but on the 19th of June he was the one that forbade "Hyde Park" getting on air.
Even if in the CCA decision are being made references to the supreme law and other normative acts, it defies in the most insolent way the statements of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the RM's Constitution regarding the freedom of expression guaranteed right. According to the international legislation CCA's objections are groundless and the sanction (for which have voted the President of CCA and other two members) applied to the municipal radio post is considered to be illegal.
The "Hyde Park" shutting down has deprived thousands of radio listeners of the right to be informed and to the freedom of expression. The unjustified charges brought up to the speakers and moderator can serve as a base for a trial and in the condition that justice in RM can not provide for the law observance, the citizens are motivated to go out in the street for manifesting their dissatisfaction.
On the base of the above mentioned facts, the participants at the protest march ask for:
The CCA to, unconditionally, overrule its decision dated with the 16th of June regarding " Hyde Park" program, for the radio "Antena C" to be able to set it back on air in the initial format and with the same moderator.
In case that these provisions won't be satisfied, the signatory NGO's will initiate the process for CCA to be summoned for the flagrant breachement of the thousands of listeners' legal rights.
Participants at the protest march mention as regrettable the fact that Journalists' Union, other mass-media and human rights' defense aimed NGOs didn't take an official firm attitude towards this case, exception making the Helsinki Committee.
We call the mass-media representatives to solidarise for riposting to the censorship and pressure. Together they'll be able to defend more efficiently their professional and civic rights.
The present declaration is being delivered for informing and taking of attitude to the President of the RM , CCA ( Audio-visual's Coordinative Council ), Moldova Journalists' Union, mass-media representatives.

The 23rd of August, 2003
The Anti-Pact Molotov-Ribbentrop NGO's Alliance
Prof. Dr. in history Iacob Golovca
The President of the Civic Association for the Abolition of the Consequences of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
Oleg Brega President of Hyde Park NGO